The Meaning of Gay in the Black Community

I thought I would take some time out to explain the two different meanings of gay in the black community. Americans have accepted the term gay to be used to label homosexuals. In the black community a black male might be called gay if he is caught having a heart felt moment in front of other guys or if a guy gets caught playing softy games with his girl on the phone (ex. No you hang up…..no you hang up first…..okay on the count of three we both hang up…….yukkkk!!!!). We call each other gay all the time and think nothing of it because we have other terms like sweet, sugary, or shaky to describe homosexuals. Here’s a list of things we call gay that white folks may not understand.


  • 1. Two grown men hugging for too long.
  • 2. A really corny rap song.
  • 3. A male calling anything cute (girls and kids excluded).
  • 4. Guy who want to talk to other guys about their feelings.
  • 5. Guys that where turtlenecks or tight shirts (I mean a kids size shirt at 18)
  • 6. Guys who show public affection to their girlfriends in front of the homeboys.
  • 7. Guys who have random feminine moments.
  • 8. Guys who carry man bags on a regular basis.
  • 9. Guys who gossips more than girls
  • 10. Black people who are oblivious to the fact that their black (embraces cultures and activities commonly embraced by the white community).


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